Marrige essay

my name is Thandeka and i am currently enrolled in university somewhere in Africa and i a currently studying a Bachelor of Arts degree in hopes of pursing a single major in clinical psychology. i am Zimbabwean by nationality and psychology is not a career that is recognized in my country. i am looking for financial assistance to further my education in clinical psychology as i finish my degree end of 2018. I want to pursue an education in psychology with a focus on forensic psychology, any fully funded financial assistance would be greatly appreciated because i can not achieve what i want on my own.

Date: 2016-01-31 22:09:19
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Point: in my point of view both lv marraige and arranged marraige has its own advantages and to lv marraige there is no dowry and they share every thing with mutual to arranged marraige they facing so many problems regarding dowry but it has one advantage having family support.

Date: 2016-01-30 05:58:59
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Point: in my opinion love marriage is best because in love marriage the two person who get marry they start their marriage life through a excelent understanding while in arrange marriage when two strange person live together then they face many difficulties and by and by they know to each other.

Marrige essay

marrige essay


marrige essaymarrige essaymarrige essaymarrige essay