Fit bcba coursework

This graduate-level 30-hour course covers functional assessment (descriptive assessment and functional analysis) and function-based intervention procedures for addressing problem behavior. Emphasis is placed upon building alternative behavioral repertoires. Behavior change considerations discussed include unwanted side effects of various intervention strategies. The present course covers tasks from content areas: I (assessment), J (intervention), D (fundamental elements of behavior change), E (specific behavior change procedures) and C (behavior change considerations) from the fourth edition of the BACB’s behavior analyst task list (BACB, 2010).

Dana McCarty's interest in working with people with special needs began at the age of 8, when she first read the story of Helen Keller and decided that she wanted to be Annie Sullivan when she grew up. She enrolled in her first sign language course during her 10th grade year and in college designed her own major and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sensory Impairment at Central Washington University. Since then, she has worked as a Rehabilitation Teacher for Washington State Services for the Blind, as a team leader for a group home in Wenatchee, WA, as a para-educator and sign language interpreter for four area school districts and as a private tutor for children with special needs. Her experience as a para-educator in a Wenatchee elementary school self-contained classroom sparked her interest in teaching children with autism.

Offer of admission to Kean University’s NJCSTM for the . Science & Technology / Engineering Science Option with conditional admittance to the NJIT . Engineering program is contingent on successful adherence to the following criteria while in undergraduate studies. Lack of adherence to these criteria negates the candidate’s eligibility to matriculate into NJIT for the master’s studies. Full matriculation into NJIT for the master’s degree is contingent on: the earned degree . Science & Technology / Engineering Science Option from Kean University; Kean undergraduate cumulative GPA of or higher; minimum grade of C in no more than two academic major required courses, including the NJIT courses taken as a non-matriculated NJIT student toward the Kean bachelor’s degree and subject to approval of NJCSTM advisor and relevant NJIT program advisor; completion of the GRE General Exam; endorsement by the NJCSTM Admissions Committee; and submission of the NJIT master’s degree application with application fee by end of college junior year.

Fit bcba coursework

fit bcba coursework


fit bcba courseworkfit bcba coursework