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Gnuplot is distributed with a large set of demonstration scripts. Here are samples of PNG output from some of the demos. Basic 2D plot styles

  • simple functions
  • filled curves
  • fill between curves
  • candlesticks
  • error bars
  • histograms ( more )
  • bar graphs
  • step functions
  • multiple axis scales
  • mixing styles
  • variable size points
  • parallel axis plots
  • parametric functions
  • piecewise functions
  • vector fields
  • circles
  • boxplots
  • rug plot
  • jitter (bee swarm)
  • text
Math functions
  • approximation
  • complex trig functions
  • complex error function
  • probability
  • probability (more)
  • random numbers
  • recursion, etc...
  • data statistics
Curve fitting
  • cubic and Bezier splines
  • monotonic csplines
  • explicit B-splines
  • explicit Bezier splines
  • Levenberg-Marquardt DLS
  • animated gif
3D plots and surfaces
  • surfaces 1
  • surfaces 2
  • contours
  • singularities
  • hidden surfaces
  • pm3d coloring
  • pm3d hidden surfaces
  • 3D mapping
  • shaded error region
  • azimuth
  • circles and polygons
  • lighting model
Coordinate and
axis transforms
  • linked axes
  • nonlinear axes
  • broken axes
  • polar coords
  • polar functions
  • polar data
  • cylindrical/spherical
  • time/date coords
Binary and Image data
  • binary data
  • image data
  • binary and image tricks
  • RGB + alpha channel
  • bar chart art
  • data-dependent coloring
  • RGB coloring
  • RGB + alpha channel
  • pm3d colors
  • pm3d gamma
Sample Applications
  • control models
  • discrete contours
  • financial data
  • iteration
  • non-gridded data
  • running averages
  • automatic binning
  • binning/histograms
  • arrays
  • fence plots
  • Gantt chart
  • 2D and 3D heat maps
  • solar path diagram
  • violin plot
Text options
  • rotated text
  • 'enhanced' text
  • string data
  • boxed text
  • variable font size
  • string variables
  • hypertext (no png support)
Page Layout
  • multiplot layout
  • multiple plots
  • aligned plots
  • axis location
  • axis ticmarks
  • rectangles
  • customized key
  • line and arrow styles
  • fill styles
  • dashed lines
  • transparency
  • transparent solids

During my prior studies I have found out, that I would like to specialize in Urban and Transport Geography. The University of XY gives me a chance to get in touch with these subjects through modules from both Department of Geography and Department of Town and Regional Planning. In my last year at the ABC University I worked on an empirical study with main focus on transportation costs of suburbanisation and urban sprawl. I really liked my project and I am keen to continue in it. I would like to use my stay in XY for further developing my skills in empirical research and starting working on my diploma project. The possibilities that gives me University of XY further expand those at my home university. I would take modules focusing on Transport and Urban geography and European Studies.

DESCRIPTION: The abuse of alcohol, tobacco and heroin has significant medical, behavioral and social consequences on individuals and society in the United States. In addition, healthcare costs for the treatment of substance abuse and addiction continue to rise. Therefore, methods need to be developed that decrease the incidence and prevalence of substance abuse while also controlling and reducing the costs of its treatment. Effective, low-cost treatment programs should speak to the motives that compel individuals to use drugs. The objective of the proposed research is to identify social, behavioral, and environmental factors that influence the use of alcohol, tobacco or heroin. These factors will be determined from surveying a study population, truck drivers in Nigeria, whose drug usage is rising. A unique aspect of the study sample is that these individuals also have limited access to resources for the treatment of substance addiction. Therefore, their drug use behaviors and beliefs may be useful in developing low cost approaches for the treatment of substance use disorders in other parts of the world, including the US. To complete its objectives, this research project will analyze data collected from national surveys and hospital emergency room health statistics to determine the prevalence of alcohol, tobacco and heroin use, and to identify environmental and social factors that promote drug use. Additionally, this project will conduct in-depth qualitative interviews and focus group evaluations to correlate personal attitudes and beliefs with drug use. This project should identify risk and protective factors that can be incorporated in the future design of low-cost behavioral interventions to reduce drug use.

Examples of reader0response to movies

examples of reader0response to movies


examples of reader0response to moviesexamples of reader0response to moviesexamples of reader0response to moviesexamples of reader0response to movies