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Doctorow's nonfiction works include his first book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Science Fiction (co-written with Karl Schroeder and published in 2000), and his contributions to Boing Boing , the blog he co-edits, as well as regular columns in the magazines Popular Science and Make . He is a contributing writer to Wired magazine, and contributes occasionally to other magazines and newspapers such as the New York Times Sunday Magazine , the Globe and Mail , Asimov's Science Fiction magazine, and the Boston Globe . In 2004, he wrote an essay on Wikipedia included in The Anthology at the End of the Universe , comparing Internet attempts at Hitchhiker's Guide-type resources, including a discussion of the Wikipedia article about himself.

Essays on richard cory

essays on richard cory


essays on richard coryessays on richard coryessays on richard coryessays on richard cory