Essay slavery cause civil war

Source: Census of Population, 1860. The region along the north Atlantic Coast, with its extensive development of commerce and industry, had the largest concentration of urban population in the United States; roughly one-third of the population of the nine states defined as the Northeast in Table 2 lived in urban counties. In the South, the picture was very different. Cotton cultivation with slave labor did not require local financial services or nearby manufacturing activities that might generate urban activities. The 11 states of the Confederacy had only 51 urban counties and they were widely scattered throughout the region. Western agriculture with its emphasis on foodstuffs encouraged urban activity near to the source of production. These centers were not necessarily large; indeed, the West had roughly the same number of large and mid-sized cities as the South. However there were far more small towns scattered throughout settled regions of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan than in the Southern landscape.

The modern debate over reparations began in earnest with the publication of Randall M. Robinson's bestseller, The Debt: What America Owes Blacks. Robinson argued that the value of slave labor over the course of 246 years of American slavery easily reached into the trillions of dollars. He noted that slaves picked and processed cotton, which fueled commerce and industry throughout the United States. Robinson called on the government to establish independent community trust funds that would distribute money into the community to fund black-owned businesses and to fund education and training programs. He disavowed the direct payment of reparations to individuals. Harvard Law School Professor Charles Ogletree and other lawyers and scholars joined Robinson to form the Reparations Coordinating Committee. The committee has explored suing the . government, and in 2002 it filed suit against several . corporations that allegedly profited from slavery during the nineteenth century. A 2001 California law has aided the group's efforts, for it requires all insurance companies doing business in California to report on any policies issued to slave-holders prior to 1865. A number of prominent companies revealed in their 2002 filings that they had issued slave insurance and thereby profited from slavery.

When looked at politically the Sothern states believed that they should receive more rights. This struggle focused heavily on slavery and whether or not the federal government had the right to regulate or even abolish slavery within any state. These debates were focused mainly between northern and southern state, making the divide with the nation greater. But even though these debates were focused on states rights (another cause of the civil war) this conflict wouldn’t have risen up unless slavery was not the main goal of the south. By the mid 19th century the Civil War began when the south seceded to mainly protect their institution of slavery. Both the north and the south fought the Civil War for different reasons. The south, to keep slavery legal within their states and to allow it to spread. The north fought to keep the Union together, which would not have been a problem if the south would not have seceded to keep slavery legal within their states. But politically, economically and socially, slavery had an aspect in every region within each of the causes of the Civil War. Related posts:

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Essay slavery cause civil war

essay slavery cause civil war


essay slavery cause civil waressay slavery cause civil waressay slavery cause civil waressay slavery cause civil war