Essay on teamwork examples

Team leadership and successful teams
Creating successful project teams is a difficult task for the team leader, they are forced to deliver results within a timescale and on a tight leader must ensure that the team has the necessary resources and information to complete a task. The team leader should be a role model for the team-good at communicating openly and getting the respect and trust of all the team members.
The team leader should gain commitment from team members to complete the task and ‘go the extra mile’. Ensure that all members feel they contributed and are valued by the team members. Make sure there are regular feedback to the team on their performance, share the credit for the teams success with the entire team.
Sucessfull teams
‘ Presentable
‘ Meeting deadlines
‘ Motivated
‘ Organised
‘ Flexible
‘ Punctual
‘ Good timekeeping ‘
An overveiw of the importance of feedback on team performance
We at Computers Express appriciate feed back on all our services and products
Why we think it is important
Providing feedback or coaching performance occurs when an employee and manager work together to ensure a good job is done and results are achieved. Giving feedback is crucial to working with people as it is an essential element of learning. Feedback motivates people espiccally when its good feedback can improve performance and commitment.
Setting expectations upfront
During induction go through the position descripion for the job role and explain the expectations of the job. These of course should align with what was explained in the interveiw, another important document to go through at induction is the performance feed-back form. Explain to the employee that you will be reveiwing them using the performance feedback form towards the end.
Team meetings
Hold regular team meetings, any issues can be brought up or any sugestions should be heard, two way communication with you and your work colleagues.
What is the purpose of meetings ?
Gives people information about the business in general, it’s goals, challengs etc,
‘ Solve problems
‘ Discuss ideas
‘ Explain something
‘ Report on progress
‘ Share information

Also, team building can help in the presence of conflicts in the team, as informal dialogue and joint activities help to improve relations between employees, to remove misunderstandings. As a result of team-building, team members will know each other better and find a common language. If there are conflicts in the team it is possible to recommend organizing outdoor sporting team games. When team members appear in unusual conditions (out of the office), they more quickly build informal communication, find mutual language and identify opinion leaders, likes and dislikes in the team. At the same time, informal communication leads to a psychological relaxation. Knowing this feature, the coach will pick up the necessary exercises for team building.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

In the quote, the author Helen Keller mentioned teamwork. What is teamwork? Teamwork can be defined as the ability to work cooperatively with others and work together as opposed to separately to achieve a common goal. Teamwork is used in all aspects of life, especially in a situation that involves more than one person working together. Why teamwork is important? Because the strength of a team depends on the teamwork, not on the strength of the best individual the team has. However, I did not have the same thought as the author Helen Keller. When I was in middle school playing for the JV soccer team, the term "teamwork  was something unfamiliar to me despite the fact that soccer was the sport that required the most teamwork between players. During my middle school years, I played soccer in a selfish way, keeping the ball to myself to show my skill and scored by myself. Perhaps, I got that selfish style of playing from watching Cristiano Ronaldo, the best soccer player in the world in 2008, when he played for Manchester United soccer club. When people talked about Manchester United, they had to mention Ronaldo because he contributed the most to help the team get three champion cups in one season. The way he played shaped the idea in my head that a strong soccer team only needs the best player to lead the team to victory. Therefore, I played with that idea in my head, although it was the wrong idea until one day that my senior team coach in my middle school decided to have a match between his senior team and the JV team to see if any players could be a good addition to the senior team squad.
As a man of a few words, the coach said nothing but quickly got his senior players to line up. The loud whistle from the referee signaled the start of the match. Even though the clock only displayed ten seconds into the game, all players from my team, including me, ran forward...

Essay on teamwork examples

essay on teamwork examples


essay on teamwork examplesessay on teamwork examplesessay on teamwork examplesessay on teamwork examples