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Cameron became a broadcaster for the BBC after the war, writing and presenting such television series as Cameron Country , and numerous single documentaries. An unusual example was Edgar Wallace : The Man Who Made His Name , a television biography of the once popular thriller writer and journalist. Cameron also wrote a radio play, The Pump (1973), based on his experience of open heart surgery , which won a Prix Italia award in 1973. [4] In his last years, he wrote a column for The Guardian . Cameron wrote two volumes of autobiography: Point of Departure , a chronicle of his life, and An Indian Summer , about his relationship with India; his marriage to his third wife, Moni, originally of Indian nationality, and his serious car accident and near death in Calcutta .

This is the second year that Artistic Director Cameron Bailey and the Toronto International Film Festival held an Ebert Tribute honoring a filmmaker for excellence in the industry. Last year, we presented a Golden Thumb award to Martin Scorsese at the TIFF Ebert Dinner. Our celebratory meal occurred earlier in the day this year, with an Ebert Lunch celebrating the career of Ava DuVernay , whose recent film, " Selma ," garnered an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. But she was also chosen because of her myriad efforts to bring along other women and minorities in the film industry with her company ARRAY. Her grace in holding the ladder steady so that others may climb with her is admirable. 

Essay about cameron highlands

essay about cameron highlands


essay about cameron highlandsessay about cameron highlandsessay about cameron highlandsessay about cameron highlands