Cross by langston hughes essay

Langston Hughes

My People
Minstrel Man
Mother to Son
Dream Deferred
Dinner Guest: Me
Children's Rhymes
Po' Boy Blues
Dream Variations
Cultural Exchange
I, Too, Sing America
Madam and the Phone Bill Your browser does not support the IFRAME tag.

I really enjoyed reading this poem – I feel that it is exemplary of Langston Hughes in its beautifully metaphors, figurative language, and imagery; so concise and short in length yet implying so much more than first meets the eye.  He also uses his exemplary literary talents in “Harlem” to suggest implicitly the plight of the black (or otherwise repressed) person who dreams big (or maybe even at all) in America.  Hughes indirectly references the poor New York City neighborhood of Harlem and associates it with the dreams that are deferred there, lost in the poor cycles of poverty that the majority of powerful people turned a blind eye to and allowed deferring to occur.  In this way, I think that “Harlem” wonderfully showcases one of Langston Hughes’s best poems and greatest strengths.

Cross by langston hughes essay

cross by langston hughes essay


cross by langston hughes essaycross by langston hughes essaycross by langston hughes essaycross by langston hughes essay